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Thread: Problem with interrupted resume from hibernation with XP

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    Problem with interrupted resume from hibernation with XP

    I have XP Pro SP1 on my carputer, and it works very well. But there is one problem: If it's stopped when it's in the process of resuming from hibernation, for instance because the car is started by accident (I haven't yet installed the dual battery system I'm going for, but anyway, I need this to be corrected to have it 100 % reliable) it will stop on a black screen where I can choose between erasing the hibernation data and to a full restart and to continue resume from hibernation. Is it possible to put a default action somewhere, or even a timer? Since I don't use a monitor (at least not yet) and usually don't have a keyboard in the car, this is a BIG problem for me. Can anybody help?

    Thanks a lot in advance, gurus!
    Tor - The MediaSUV

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    ****, I just replyed to the wrong post!


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