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Thread: Issues with SSDs and XP for car PCs?

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    Issues with SSDs and XP for car PCs?

    Hey, I am thinking about getting a SSD drive and want to know what are the issues specifically for a car PC and windows XP.

    I have read a couple conflicting compatibility tweaks that should be done, and wanted to get a good feel for what is required before purchasing.

    I use hibernation, and this is one of the things in particular, I don't think I could do without, unless the boot times are just that fast, that others consider this a non issue?
    Is it recommended by those that know that vista be used over XP for built in compatibility, or is XP %100 OK with no issues to use under the correct/proper changes?

    Also been reading about tangible speed and feel between brands, can someone comment on which would be optimal for a carPC?


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    I have a Patriot 32GB that I use to run XP off of and I have not compatibility issues with it.

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    its not a compatibility issue as much as a longevity issue. Vista/win7 were designed to be used with ssd's and make several internal changes when running from them to increase performance and increase the life of the drive. As you may/may not know, SSDs have a limit to how many times sectors can be written to before they stop holding new data. Thats the basis for the concerns and a lot of the tweaks.

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    SSD Ok

    I am using this
    It is labeled Dana Electric 80 GB SSD and is a repackaged intel drive. Damn fast.

    I running XP performance edition. Boots incredibly fast. No problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justchat_1 View Post
    SSDs have a limit to how many times sectors can be written to before they stop holding new data...
    So it's similar to memory sticks (USB keys etc)...
    (Especially running applications of a stick - ie, tweaking for more PC buffering for least write cycles.)

    And here I was assuming they were using some static or normal RAM....

    Thanks justchat - that's a very important consideration when I get an SSD. (That's one less unknown unknown for me - now it's a known unknown.)

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    here a link that may help you understand why vista/7 a better for longevity than xp for ssd


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    If you're concerned about "longevity" or "performance" of the drive when running XP check out running XP with either EWF or FBWF.

    I run XP Pro w/EWF and it boots wicked fast. From power on to front-end is around 17 seconds. If you remove POST time from the picture XP loads in about 7-9 seconds.

    If you're not set on XP, Windows 7 is the next best thing. I ran it for a couple months and had pretty good luck with it, but had better luck with XP. Might have been driver related though for my issues.


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