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    wired remote

    this is my first post.i have a pioneer DEH-1900MP it originally had a wireless remote, but i bought it from a flea market and no remote came with question is, is there any way to hook up switches for like the power on/off , volume up/down , and scan/search. like my own ghetto wired remote? here is my thought. somehow find the right spots on the circuit board and solder wires to it and run wires to switches. the car stereo is for my scooter and it is under my seat and i have no way to control anything. cant afford a new stereo, so any suggestions would be appreciated

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    if i remember right, pioneer uses different length pulses for different button presses-- possible with something like a fusion brain, or qube, but not most buttons..

    for a premade wired remote, look in boating catalogs.

    another option, is that if it has a removable faceplate, you can extend the faceplate to the bars with some cat5 cable.

    i did this with a old kenwood on my own scooter project-- the entire thing got scrapped after i found that i would need a separate battery for the radio--everytime i would accelerate on the scooter, the radio would reset, and eject the cd (that was fun though-- to get a cd rolling at 15mph )... but otherwise, worked fine stationary.

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