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Thread: iDrive controller as Input

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    iDrive controller as Input

    Well it's been a while...A little over a year ago I traded in my bachelor G35 w a Carputer for an 06 330i with crappy iDrive. There are a few people that have upgraded their CCC units for hard drive based CIC systems but in the end they are really just not up to snuff to what I am used to.

    So...after some research I've found a few threads that talk about connecting to the CANBUS however there is a site that has a frontend that I've never heard of (here)that connects via CANBUS and controls the FE using the iDrive controller in the center console.

    Overall it looks like a good setup however I wouldn't want to be stuck with a FE that doesn't have a good community behind it. My last system had a touch screen interface so this will be my first non touch screen control system.

    Have any of you done this? Any FE's support CANBUS connections? I'm assuming CANBUS sends encoded serial information that would need to be decoded for the FE to understand and turn into commands.

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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    06? so is it an E46 or a E9x

    E46 don't have canbus, they have iBus.

    E9x will have the canbus not iBus.

    At present none of the FE's on here have a CANBUS interface. (Not that I'm aware anyway)

    iBUS both RideRunner/RoadRunner and Centrafuse have iBus plugins.

    That FE looks pretty good, almost perfect reproduction of the 7 srs iDrive screens. But €299 that is a lot of money just for a FE.

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    E90. Yeah it looks good but it's pretty pricey plus he hasn't posted in over a year.

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