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Thread: Help! My XP disc is damanged

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    You may want to download nlite and make yourself a new XP disk form the i386 file on the CD so you will have a good unscratched CD in case of emergencies. It will create an ISO that can be burned to disk.

    Beats buying a new XP CD!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by niss42 View Post
    Must feel good to be a green arse wiper.
    Re- read your own post No 8
    Yer a mod! alright.
    Your a bright one huh?

    @ Ramanator
    I can provide you with a link to the proper download and a account to *removed* if you like. (*removed* is a torrent site)

    Then you can create a bootable USB out of the iso and will forever have a trusty USB for backup. (i can tell you how to make a bootable USB its easy)
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    Gratz on avoiding a reinstall!

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