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Thread: XP or 7 in the car?

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    XP or 7 in the car?

    Just about to build my first car pc. The hardware will consist of an Acer Revo R3700, so 1.8ghz dual core atom with ION2 and 2GB memory.

    I'm a mac user so have had very little experience of Windows in the last 5 years. However I'm planning to run Centrafuse on Windows as that seems the most fully featured platform.

    So my question is should I run XP or Win7? Will I have lots of driver issues with 7 given that it's fairly new? Will 7 run fine on the given hardware?

    Any thoughts welcome!


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    Both are good choices. Win 7 is better if you plan on using hibernation...most driver issues are fixed and run out the box, but XP is what I use because everything works and there isn't anything I have added to my installation that doesn't work under XP.

    Hope this helps!!
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    the revo should be new enough that either OS selection should not have driver issues-- in a brief search, i found versions of the revo with win7 pre-installed, so you should be able to grab those drivers off the site if needed..

    coming from mac, win7 might be a little easier because of the similar flashy graphics, and user menu's.

    so far, i have had much less problems with win7 then with i ever had with xp on the same hardware. many times, as long as win7 can load a network driver, and connect to the internet, it will usually locate most of the drivers needed.

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    win7, xp is getting old...

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    I run win xp, rock solid. I'm curious to know if the previous posters actually navigate the car pc in win7 given their comments about 'flashy graphics'?IMO the device should be like an atm machine, running winos underneath but you would never really notice it.

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    yup, i use the win7 underpinnings primarily to transfer files, and do .dll maintenance in my carpc-controlled audio setup.. while some of the command scheme changed between 7 and xp, 7 has really grown on me, and i now prefer it over xp.

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    The only reason I use XP anymore is to have voice recognition work in Ride Runner, since you're planning on using CF, I would recommend Win 7.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ces///M3 View Post
    I run win xp, rock solid.
    I agree. XP is truly one of the most stable Microsoft platforms out there.

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    I have tried a range of OS choices, from complete XP with all updates, several versions of TinyXP (hacked version with reduced functionality), TinyWindows7, and full Windows 7. The Tiny versions are more hassle than they are worth. They boot faster, but when you run into problems with missing .dlls and other windows components, good luck...

    Windows 7 boots faster, has better audio control by far, and has hybrid sleep, that allows you to put you computer into standby, but also recording a hibernation file. That way if power is abruptly cut (common in car environment), you can resume much quicker from the hibernation file than a cold boot. This alone makes Windows 7 worthwhile. P.S. don't worry about the OS appearance, you shouldn't have to interact with it much and if you have a slow computer, you should turn off all that graphical eye-candy anyways. Cheers

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