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Thread: How to send a "System Enable Amp Signal"?

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    How to send a "System Enable Amp Signal"?

    I have a harmon-kardon factory amp in my truck. I am replacing the factory headunit entirely with my carputer. Anyone have any suggestions on how to generate the "System Enable" signal that an amp requires?

    Unfortunately, I have not been able to find out all of the details of this amp. Specifically, I do not know what the signal needs to be. Is there a typical signal strength / length that is sent to most amps? Dang this sounds like a newbie post, I just can't find the info I need on this one. Any help would be great.

    All of the info I have about the Amp and the rest of the system came from this article I have the trim level 4 model.

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    i used a 12v relay triggered by a yellow wire on the power supply

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    The system enable signal or remote signal is just a 12v signal. My signal comes from the ignition line of the car so the amps come on when i cut the car on. HOwever you could run the 12v from your carpc so when your carpc comes on the amps come on.


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