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Thread: good news for this summer

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    good news for this summer

    Well, I finished my system in Nov/Dec. My system survived the winter. Though its really not that cold in the south valley. It gets down to about 35F-40F in the cold cold winter here. My autopc starts right up and ran all day. It didnt need any warming up. The Xenarc worked well from the get go. Now that summer is almost here it's time to put the PC to the heat test. These few days we have over 100F days.
    As you can see from the pic, my PC is installed in the center console with clear lexan cover and clear fans. The right fan cools the heatsink. For the pass 3 days during lunch time around 1-2PM The sun hits directly on the PC. With the windows up, I figure its gotta be at least 120 in the truck. The heatsink is probably 120-130F. I dont know how hot it is but its hot enough to burn your hand. Anyway, Those 3 days, my PC starts right up with out any freezes. Xenarc screen works well too. All those 3 days, The PC ran from 1PM to 11:30PM and not a single freeze or crash. I really hope that it'll hang with the 110F summer thats coming up in next few months.
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    what sony is that? is it through the cd-changer steering or sony aux?

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    hey dude,
    you ever gonna show us the rest of the system. i wanna see some west coast pro audio! i love nosing around in other peoples stuff...



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