I have been reading OCZ Forum optimizations, but am unsure which can be applied and cannot be applied due to requirements with the needed software.

What is the best way to make a “bootable” backup so I can start trying to reduce boot times, and apply as many of the “tweaks” as I can, but still be sure I can start back at square 1 easily?

What can one expect for all the trouble of applying the normal set of “tweaks”?

Just a rough estimate is what I am wondering?
If my setup runs ~32 seconds from ignition ON with no changes, what is a conservative estimate on what can be accomplished following a guide?

These are the guides I have been reading, are there any thorough SSD CarPC specific ones anyone has followed and can recommend?





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Does anyone have a quick rundown of the things to worry about first, and a progressive list of what is less important, such as AHCI, and TRIM support ect.?