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    quick question

    Hello everyone. i just finished building my car pc and absolutly love it. I'm just stuck on one thing. I added a bluetooth/wifi combo card and it works great. it also allows for hand free operation for my blackberry. so i ran a 3.5mm stereo wire all the way from my carpc in the trunk to the front and plugged one end of it to the mic on the carpc and the other end is a female connector which ipluged a stereo 3.5mm mic that i got off ebay thats for the iphones and stuff and i cant get it to work. when i do the sound test and teh computer telle me to read the sentense on the screen the mic doesnt pickup anything. i'm running the intel atom D525MW motherboard and windows 7 ultimate. if anyone can guide me to the right direction i really appreciate it.


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    Make sure the microphone is unmuted in the mixer panel.
    Also, if the microphone has a power switch, make sure it's on.

    Lastly, some better formatting of your post will make it easier to read, meaning people are less likely to ignore it.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    have you tested the cable by connecting it to the speaker output, and connecting a pair of speakers to it? it is possible the cable is bad..

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