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Thread: Day-to-day, what do you use your carpc for?

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    Day-to-day, what do you use your carpc for?

    I'm 70% through my build (can't wait to post my worklog!) and I'm trying to get a grasp of whether or not I should go ahead and buy things like a wifi antenna, keyboard, etc, or if I should just settle with the touch screen. So my question to the mp3car commentariat is the following: what, on a day to day basis (i.e. during a reasonably fast cruise through your neighborhood or expressway) do you use your carpc for? Is it something you fiddle with at stop lights?

    Do you do it just because you can/enjoy technology? Again, not having any second thoughts or regrets, since I've spent much less on my setup than I would have on a double din, just trying to get some ideas together.
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    i only see one reason not to include wifi--if you can tether to your internet-enabled phone. i have used it on more then one occasion just to get directions or a address that i forgot at home. if you shop around enough, wifi is too cheap not to include. and if you already pay for it on your phone, get some more use out of it..

    i also think that a keyboard is necessary as well. there is only so much you can do on a 7" screen before you start to go crazy trying to use a stylus to type stuff..

    but overall, i really haven't used either of those lately in my car-- really just the hdd space for my music. though, i have only driven my car about 10 times in the last 3 mo., so not much opportunity..

    and i never fiddle with my carpc while driving, and will not perform tasks outside of the FE while the car is in gear. i always pull into a parking lot, or wait until i'm at home.. it is just not that easy to access windows while rolling..

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    Not installed yet but plans are for...
    Navigation, reverse camera, music, DVD for the 9yr old in the back on a long trip.
    Occasionally as soundman98 says, looking up something on the internet through wireless usb.

    My main reason for doing it was to include navigation and DVD into the car which only came with CD/radio and because I like tinkering with computers and electronics
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    I'd say get at least a mini keyboard just in case you get a crash and need to reboot and go through a select reboot method deal.

    I would use my carpc for nav if centrafuse/destinator ever initializes my gps... which it doesn't.

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    Day to day it's really only for Navigation and Music.

    Use my Fuleprices plugin when I need fuel (especially when I need it in unfamiliar territory) which therefore needs the internet, so that's my dongle.

    My music gets sync'd with my server at home in the drive, so that's wifi.

    I watch Videos while parked up when waiting for my son at the various activities he pursues.

    The car didn't have reverse sensors so I have added them via the PC, so that gets used daily I suppose.

    I have also added Tire pressure Monitoring, again daily use.

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    Navigation and music. I use wired tether for my carputer to access the internet...

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    I also have my phone tethered via USB cable but dont have tethering service so dont use it all the time. Everyday I use for Music, Nav, Phone, Reverse Cam. But my passangers use every feature the pc can throw at em. DVD, Wifi, playing music from there device whether its a phone or ipod through USB.

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    Lately, Rosetta Stone. :-)

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    I use mine for navigation and music (mainly pandora or grooveshark). My friends and I recently took a road trip, so they were watching youtube for hours on end (using wifi tether to my iphone and a mini wireless lenovo keyboard/trackball setup).
    The touch screen is ok for little tasks, but it gets annoying after a bit.

    The rosetta stone idea sounds interesting, but I have no idea how you could select the answer and drive at the same time, I typically just jam some Portuguese music to get my brain thinking a little bit...

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    For day to day mostly just navit and music. I do have the windows, headlights and trunk wired in through some relays that les me up/down, off,on from the touchscreen. Its cool and impresses girls on dates but not the most useful thing I have done with my carpc.

    I use wifi to upday the music on the hdd in the car and, on trips movies and a keyboard are nice. Just haven't found an on screen keyboard that I liked to use.

    I'm still kicking around the idea of a HUD unit and project my speed and what nots like that. But since my car doesn't have obd2 it seems a little pointless right now.

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