Not sure if this is the right place but here it goes

I have been playing with windows embedded standard 7 64 Bit for some time and got it right where i wanted... only trouble left is hybernation

for some reason i just cant get it to hybernate, i can get it as far as sleep (ram still powered) but not hybernation where i can cut power and resume

i have tried to set bios to both S1 and S3, but as soon i enable hybernation in windows with powercfg.exe /h ON it will not do anything... the screen goes black allright but as soon i touch the screen its back...

so s3 seems the best bet but i would hate to have it power up the ram all the time...

please help... EWF etc are no problem i can get that to play along with no trouble

board is a Zotac ION ITX A