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Thread: I see your 7" touchscreen and raise you...

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    I see your 7" touchscreen and raise you...

    A 17" touch screen AIO dash (found on the upcoming Tesla cars):

    I've seen pictures of this thing before, but never a video. I guess it seems kinda cool, but I think it's overkill. Anyone who's seen a laptop in a car at night knows how bright and distracting a giant screen can be, night mode or not. Also from an interface point of view, I can tell I'd be pretty annoyed at setting climate control and stuff through the screen -- I really feel that there are some controls that should remain tactile. That being said, I'm stoked to see what future app devs do with 17" of screen real estate.
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    was it turbocad that installed a widescreen laptop monitor in his car-- looking nearly identical to tesla's design? and did it years ago!?!?

    i completely agree-- while i like my touch screen, i do get tired of looking at it all the time to make sure that my finger actually lines up with the button i want to press.

    honestly, i think that much screen space is overkill. it gives a nice clean look with the car off, but that is it-- there is just so much going on in one physical screen, i imagine that older buyers are going to be a little overwhelmed by the controls.

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    That's one gorgeous automobile!
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    Love the car, but that screen definitely looks out of place and they could of done the same with less.

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