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Thread: Renault integrating custom tablet into 2012 Zoe and Clio

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    Renault integrating custom tablet into 2012 Zoe and Clio

    Renault integrating custom tablet into 2012 Zoe and Clio

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    By Damon Lavrinc
    Posted Dec 8th 2011 6:27PM

    We've seen plenty of tablets embedded into concepts and project cars, but Renault looks to be the first major automaker to bring a fully functional and embedded tablet into a production vehicle. And it's doing it in two new cars due to arrive next year.

    At the LeWeb consumer electronics show in France, Renault unveiled R-Link, a voice-activated telematics platform that combines entertainment, navigation and social functions into a single, integrated seven-inch touchscreen display.

    The tablet – which we assume is removable, so this isn't just a glorified touchscreen – can be controlled through either voice commands, the screen or the steering wheel, and Renault claims that 50 apps will be available when it launches on both the new Clio and Zoe models next year.

    Navigation is provided by TomTom and Renault is courting developers to bring even more apps to market. However, the French automaker remains mum on specs and the operating system, both of which could pose a challenge to devs. Hit the jump for the release.


    R-Link, the integrated, connected tablet

    As a partner of the LeWeb'11 exhibition, Europe's number one showcase for digital entrepreneurs, Renault has chosen the Parisian show to reveal R-LINK, the tactile, integrated, connected tablet that is poised to equip its forthcoming models.

    R-LINK will provide future Renault vehicles with affordable, intuitive multimedia connectivity, both with the outside world and with its users.

    R-LINK is a scalable tablet thanks to the input of application developers who will progressively upgrade its content.

    Renault will profit from the LeWeb'11 show to invite app developers to play a part in this adventure thanks to the establishment of a partnership with Paris Incubateur.


    To enable drivers to control its functions without taking their eyes off the road, R-LINK features a large 18cm tactile display, steering wheel-mounted controls and speech recognition. R-LINK also delivers comprehensive connectivity for automotive services and applications in an AppStore (R-LINK Store).

    R-LINK is a straightforward, user-friendly interface that covers all the car's functions and data. The menu provides access to the world of in-car multimedia, GPS TomTom LIVE navigation, the R-LINK Store, etc. Users will also be able to customise both their homepage and access to their favourite applications.

    At the time of its release, R-LINK Store will pack more than 50 existing useful and community smartphone applications adapted to use on the move. They will be downloadable directly to the tablet inside the car or via the My Renault account.

    R-LINK will equip ZOE and New Clio. In keeping with its determination to make access to innovations an affordable reality for all, R-LINK will be available for all forthcoming Renault models at an unrivalled low price.

    After becoming the first brand to propose steering wheel-mounted fingertip remote audio controls and in-car navigation, after making the hands-free card, high-res displays and GPS navigation (Carminat TomTom for €490) affordable, readily available features, and after launching connected navigation (Carminat TomTom LIVE), Renault continues to innovate with R-LINK.


    Like Renault, developers and start-up businesses are actively exploring technologies and services that address the problems associated with automotive mobility (navigation aids, infomobility applications, in-car entertainment, etc.).

    Renault and Laboratoire Paris Région Innovation wish to encourage the creation of a start-up ecosystem to focus on the issue of mobility-related connected services and TICs. A new start-up incubator specialising in this field is due to be inaugurated in March 2012.

    Renault is looking to build relationships with young, innovative businesses (less than four years' existence) which are either in the process of developing or which have already released their first product or service. The objective of these partnerships is to enable such companies to complete their research in ideal conditions (private offices, personalised individual guidance, finance, etc.).

    The forms and list of documents it is necessary to provide when applying to be taken on-board by the 'Connected Services and TIC for Mobility' incubator can be downloaded from until January 31, 2012.

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    [edit] actually, already in the news section, but this data is helpful too. I have a friend there now who is trying to get some dash shots for us. Too bad this isn't happening on more us cars. I'd hardly call a few models a development platform but it is a good place to start.

    Other WSJ videos in the news section.
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    YEah, well... I can't post in the news section....
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