Started the mockup of my new center console for the 320i. Had to relocate the headunit so I cut out (with a RotoZip) two unused vents in the center console. Ripped out a lot of AC ducting (AC no longer works).

Tonight I made cardboard mockups of the new sides, trimmed to accomodate the screen and put in a small "shelf" in front of the screen to house the touchpad, power button and cig.lighter.

I used to keep my change int he ashtray so I need to find a new place for that and I would love to somehow put in a cupholder. Car's never had one!

Still need to make the edges smooth around the lcd edges. The big question is, what do I make this thing out of? Wood? Fiberglass? Aluminum? I plan to cover it in black vinyl to match the existing interior so whatever is the easiest to work with I suppose...