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Thread: A/v patch cable for fg ford falcon

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    A/v patch cable for fg ford falcon

    Well. I bit the bullet and converted to the other side. Sold my old holden vy ss 6l(kept my old vp calais 5l)and bought a ford falcon fg turbo6 40th anniversary edition slightly modified. Im not looking to add a carpc to it. Yet. However, i am trying to locate and buy an audio/visual patch cable to enable the onboard touch screen to play videos/dvds as well. I had previously been able to purchase these cables from jaycar electrics or ford themselves to modify friends ford bf's and fg's models. But now that i want one for myself. I have been unsucessful at purchasing one as both ford and jaycar dont have them in stock and dont know when they will. So if anyone(particularly in australia) know where i can get one or if someone has one they wish to sell. I would appreciate it if you could lead me in the right direction. I would love to hear from you. Thanks in advance.

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    ASL Automedia sell kits for dvd input to the factory screens for both the falcon and commodore. They seem to have a few options available on their site/store. The kits seem to include the wiring harness and the video converter box.

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    Kinggee, thanks so much for your reply.Much appreciated. I will give them(ASL) a go

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