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Thread: ITX Board choice Nvidia ION or Intel NM10 GPU

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    ITX Board choice Nvidia ION or Intel NM10 GPU

    Looking at motherboards at the moment and I'm in two minds what to go for. I'm currently running an old asus at3iont-i board, but before I start the installation in the car I'm thinking about buying a current spec board.

    Choices at the moment are the AT5IONT-I with the nvidia ION gpu or the ZOTAC NM10-DTX WiFi, I guess the question I'm asking is it worth the extra 40 to go DDR3 and Nvidia ION GPU?

    My CarPC will be based around Windows 7 with Ride Runner and the DFX 5.x skin.

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    NM10 isnt the GPU. Its only the chipset.
    I would advise strongly against buying anything with an NM10 because they only offer 4x PCIe x1 buses for any motherboard component. Theoretically they can also use one x2 instead, but that would mean 2 x1 wouldnt be available, which means not enough bandwidth for other components like WiFi, USB, sound, etc.
    But the problem is, the newer ION2 boards also have an NM10 and need to be connected to it, which means only x1.
    I would recommend an AMD E350 or 450 instead, or even better an i3-xxxxT with LGA1155 socket board, even though they are more expensive. Believe me, you will have much more joy with any of those 2 alternatives.

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