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Thread: Replace Gauge Cluster with LCD Screen?

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    I would also be interested in setting up an LCD gauge cluster in my chevelle. I'd like to research doing it using the standard gauge inputs and also via OBDII (if I decide to go with an LS engine/electronics setup). I'm not as concerned with boot time at this point as that's something that can be looked at down the road. Now I'm more interested in what kind of LCD is available in semi standard gauge panel shapes and what components are necessary to integrate the gauge signals. After an hour skiming these forums, I haven't found much of help.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    That's another thought I had, instead of going through OBDII (which in my car, is quite slow, about 8 PIDs per second), interpret the factory gauge signals. That would provide live data feed instead of pulsed through OBDII. The thing is, that's way out of my league of knowledge. I'm a software developer, not a hardware guru. If I find anything, I'll let you know.

    Check out they have sort of what I'm looking to do, but I want actual LCD screens instead of those LCD boards they use.

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