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Thread: Carp PC soon to install Win 8

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    Carp PC soon to install Win 8

    Well i have been loving my win 7 setup with freeICE Front End. im strongly considering isntalling win 8 asap. anyone having any issues with win 8 Interface and Liliput touch screens?


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    on the metro home screen because it's only a resistivce screen, you can't scroll right to left. Needs a capacitive screen to do that

    About it really though, Win8 boots up alot quicker than win7 ;-)

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    I have been running W8 in it's various releases since last fall and love the boot times. It does not work well on our lilliput & similar touch screens but I boot straight to RR anyways and seldom need to use the W8 GUI. Occasionally I have had to plug in a mouse to get where I am going.
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