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    DVD Decoder...

    I'm trying to use an old DVD drive (Toshiba SD-M1102) with my carputer. The CD functions work just fine, but when I try to play a DVD, it tells me that I need a decoder.
    a what?
    is that hardware? software?
    can I download it?
    How do I fix this?

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    A dvd decoder can be hardware or software.

    If you have a faster computer than a software decoder will be fine. If you use a program like windvd it has its own built in software decoder. Alot of other different software dvd players have their own built in software decoders.

    If you have a slower computer then a software decoder will work but it may be choppy and probably not what youre looking for regarding dvd quality. If thats the case then you want a hardware decoder because it takes the burden away from your cpu and uses the power of the hardware decoder to decode the dvd. Im not sure how much they are now but i figure they cant be more that 50 bux on ebay...i would think more around 20-30.
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    I'm a pretty big fan of PowerDVD, but I am wondering if anyone has been able to do a 100% free software DVD player with Maximus DVD and something like the Elecard MPEG2 decoder?

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    windows media player has a decoder. dosent it and it is free

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    WMP is mpeg 1, not mpeg 2 that all DVD's use. The reason they didn't package the codec is that they would have to pay the MPEG group a few bucks for every OS that they sell with WMP. There is an addon in windows that installs the DVD player software, just not the codec.

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    Originally posted by -B-e-N-
    windows media player has a decoder. dosent it and it is free

    and if you are thinking of, then it is illegal
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    I use an old toshia dvd 4x drive as well out of my compaq notebook. And I use that powerdvd. The dvd is someitmes choppy but the sound keeps up.
    Mine needs to be updated.


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