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Thread: speaker problems

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    speaker problems

    So some of my new speakers arrived today. I tried installing them and came across some slight problem. They dont fit. They are the same size as the stock ones, but either the rims are too big, or the holes dont line up, but mostly the outter rim is too big.

    stupid stock speaker holes.

    anyways, does anyone have any ideas on how to adjust the stock holes to accept the ones i have? I think i can make the rear's fit, but the front door ones are gonna be tricky.
    I read about making a mount out of plywood, but since this is my first dive into car audio, i wasnt sure if there was a better/easier way to go.


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    try a file to make the holes oval shaped so they fit.
    if that dosent work make a ply wood thing like you said.

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    If you are going to make a mounting ring for your speakers, use MDF. This is standard pratice in the car audio field. If you cannot find MDF to fit in the area you are working with, try masonite. The idea is to get as dense a material as possible to reduce vibration of the speaker.

    More than likely you could drill new holes in the speaker trim ring itself. If you are going to do this place the speaker face down on a hard surface you dont mind drilling into such as a piece of wood and drill from the back, forwards. This way your not fighting the speakers odd shape and won't puncture the speaker itself.


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