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Thread: Android Based System Design Help.

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    Android Based System Design Help.

    I'm in the process of purchasing a new car, a 2013 Subaru BRZ. I'm planning on gutting the factory stereo system and replacing it with something a little more... flexable. I've decided against trying to build another true CarPC and I'm going to go with an Android based head unit. It just seems simpler and honestly more reliable for my needs. I'm hoping you all can give me some input on my system and tell me where I'm coming up short, or if it's well thought out.

    Off Line Hardware based GPS Navigation
    MP3 and FLAC Playback
    FM Radio Tuner
    Bluetooth Hands Free Support
    OBDII Support
    Video Playback
    Rear Camera Support

    Here's my proposed system.

    Ca-Fi Android Based 62100 knock off head unit
    P5USB USB Hub
    Transcend StoreJet 25M2 500GB External Harddrive
    Ca-Fi OBDII USB Interface
    Ca-Fi External Noise Canceling Mic
    Rear View Camera (TBD)

    Hertz Hi-Energy HSK163 3-Way Component Speakers
    Precision Power PPI Phantom P900.5 Channel Amp

    I'm still on the fence about subs. I'll probably go with a set of Hertz subs. I'm open to suggestions on that end.

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    Hum..I don't trust those "off-brand" units unless there are good reviews on it. In any case, that unit looks like it has all the inputs/outputs you need AND SOME! except i didn't see where you can hook up an external HDD. I know from experience (and it depends) the GPS in those off-brand units are less than capable (to put it mildly) so i would recommend you make sure it has (or can get) Google maps at least. Looks doable otherwise.
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    definitely make sure you get the HD from somewhere you can return it. not all builds of Android are HD friendly, though most newer ones will work with flash drives (but i don't know of any over 128GB that are affordable). if the unit has wifi, you can get a wifi HD for mobile devices.

    i just noticed the unit you want is only on Android 2.3. that's pretty old if you want to get into customizing it much. if you just want to use what it comes with then i'm sure it'll be fine.

    it does indicate BlueTooth support, so you may be able to use an external GPS if the one in the unit turns out to be junky.

    also - i have a used P5USB that i need to sell, PM me if interested.

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