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Thread: Android climate control??

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    Android climate control??

    Not sure where to ask this question so i'll try here first. Was using a car-pc for years but now i want to evolve to an Android tablet. My problem is the vehicle i have, a 2008 Lincoln MarkLT (same as the top of the line F150), doesn't have anywhere to install the tablet UNLESS i relocate the climate controls, and then, i don't know where to relocate them to.

    So i was thinking, in this day n age there might be away, or maybe there's an Android app or something that would allow me to control the climate. Something that could interface with the steering wheel or something since i can control some things (fan, temp) from there. I was thinking about the app "torque" that can "read" damn near anything and display it on Android.

    If that was possible, then i would just tuck away the oem controls somewhere (in center armrest maybe).

    Just wanted to through that out there and see if there's something i don't know about. BTW, replacing the oem HU is NOT an option, I'm a firm believer (through experience) that a HU is a must in case the computer (or tablet) malfunctions. Beside, the tablet will play through the aux in from the HU.

    Anyway, thanks in advance.

    Sorry about the picture (it's dark), i took it right-quick while writing this (from the Dell Streak 7 tablet) :-)
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