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Thread: Blacbox software hardware?

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    Blacbox software hardware?

    Hi, is there something like this out there?

    A software and hardware that is a blackbox that record when driving, when there is a wifi connection it uploads the video to a server at home. On this server there is a time capturing/history software that take care of all the video files. When the files are older than a week it removes 50% of the frames, when its older than a month it removes another 50% of the frams, 2 month remove 50% more frames etc. etc. down to maybe 1 fps for long time storage/history storage?

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    you probably are already aware of the many dash-cam DVR's out there:

    but it sounds like you want something bigger/better...

    check out the 4 channel anti-vibration unit here:

    looks like it can use their wifi module:

    says it features:
    - Retrieve video by date, time and event
    - Remote playback

    under "options" it lists a 12v power adapter.

    most of these type of units can also do scheduled/automatic FTP uploads (which would get the data to your home network as requested). this unit does also support DHCP, so it should work pretty easily with your home wifi.

    i've never used anything from that company, but i have been looking at video server/dvr's lately so i just happen to know of them.

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