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Thread: What would you go for?

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    Question What would you go for?

    Just looking for opinons on what route you would go for. It is a close estimate in cost. And all 3 options are not that far from each other.

    - ATX PC
    I have an old pentium 3 500mhz pc that I recently upgraded the video & sound card. This would just go in the trunk. I would need to run extension cable for the DVD drive, xenarc, usb and mouse port and use a front port replicator. A perk here is that I can use my old ATI TV Wonder Tuner. I know tv signals do not come in that great in a car but considered the headliner antenna. I could use a USB tv tuner for the other options.

    I could go for a VIA M10000 and not worry about running extension cables from the back. Then I could just keep the pc in the front console. This option leads to limited upgradability.

    - Shuttle PC >>LINK
    With this option I would rip the mobo out of the pc place it in the console and use the front ports as well instead of buying a front port replicator. My other concern is how loud the cpu fan would be in the front console area, or do you guys barely hear it once the car is running.

    The "materials" cost is MDF, fiberglass, paint etc. Either way I'm still going to redo my console no matter where the pc goes.

    -What will be in the showing in the front console
    Xenarc touchscreen
    Slim DVD Drive
    Front USB2.0 / firewire ports
    Griffin Powermate

    - I also have and plan on using
    DLink USB Radio
    Fellowes Touchpad
    Zippy Electro Luminescent Mini Keyboard
    USB game pads (occasionally)

    Sound is going directly into an amp this is going to be a non-headunit setup.


    EDIT: I will not be playing Quake on my car some emulators at best.
    - 3+ years & still no carputer!
    - Done collecting parts
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    ITX - Is nice for the size, but too slow for my tastes. If you insist on small size, this is the winner.

    Shuttle is ok, but a waste of money for your application. You're only using the mb and probably can't sell the case b/c of the proprietary mb.

    The ATX PC is a bargain. But again, too slow for my tastes. I use the carputer for entertainment including gaming. Next time your stuck in traffic you'll regret not being able to play quake III while waiting

    I would go with an upgraded ATX PC (actually I did). Pick up a micro-atx mb with all the onboard goodies. I like intel for car pcs. They're not as sensitive to heat and can get away with low rpm quite fans. You may even be able to squeeze into the console. Depending on the chip/mb you pick you should be able to stay within your budget.

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    go for the epia
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    Go for the EPIA. A word about WiFi.. Get a 802.11a/b/g card. They are normally $10US more, and can do all three.. Imagine the w@rdriving! Also, they are Linux compatible if you ever feel smart, err I mean, if you ever feel like trying out something stable and more powerful (Lets not start a flame thread..)
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