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Thread: MP3 tagging? I have a Terabyte of mess... help

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    Very useful metrics! Again, thanks.

    As to 6,000 - holy interaction!
    And to reduce that by 1,000...

    Quick - where's my $33...?

    Man I love these forums! (Though I am only on 5 public forums of which only 2 are "electrical", but I only chose the best!!)

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    I loaded the whole list (all in one big directory onto my Truckputer system. I could see the whole list with Windows Explorer.

    With Centrafuse, I could only see about half the list.

    I wound up redoing the library with subdirectories by artist rather than putting them all in one big directory.

    At first it didnt seem to make any difference, but I think I had to delete the original directory and then reload it. After some random clicking I believe that is what I did.

    Anyway, all my stuff became visible thru Centrafuse. I am guessing there is some sort of limit as to the number of items in a single directory in Centrfuse (2000 or so)? That's just a guess at this point, but now that I have all the sub-directories it all works well.


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