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Thread: Project: Unified Car Control

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    Yeah I have seen a few videos on youtube with programs with voice control. Im just contemplating whether use a learning system as there will be only a few commands, excluding the controlling of the music side, to get a much more accurate system, and do this for a few users if possible. Or I have seen a few which dont really need the learning system but still seem to be pretty good depending on the mic you use. I dont like the windows voice recognition at all. Was definitely gonna use an alternative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tidder View Post
    Seems that collaboration on an already existing wheel would be better than creating your own? Especially this early in the design phase, forking it or something. Just curious.
    BennY- already had a decent project going, so things are moving at a good speed. Throw in AMB and we are already several steps in the right direction.
    - Project: Unified Car Control
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tidder View Post
    Ahh. That's what I like to hear. Now I'm extremely interested in the project as tripzero's AMB doesn't make any sense to me at all.
    I'm going to beat some sense into you if it's the last thing I do!

    The rationale for AMB is simple. When you develop a platform for developers, you don't want them to have to learn weird standards like OBD2/ELM327 or the plethora of CAN protocols that are different from vehicle to vehicle. You want them to only have to learn one API and not to have to care about what vehicle their app is running in, the underlying network details, etc. AMB makes the underlying hardware and protocol differences opaque to the developer. He doesn't have to care if it's OBD2, an arduino, CAN, OpenXC or anything else. He just writes his app to the AMB API and he's done.

    The challenge will be for the automaker or hardware integrator. He'll have to setup AMB in such a way that it just works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tripzero View Post
    He doesn't have to care if it's OBD2, an arduino, CAN, OpenXC or anything else. He just writes his app to the AMB API and he's done.

    The challenge will be for the automaker or hardware integrator. He'll have to setup AMB in such a way that it just works.
    I just read the github files and I figured that out. I am in no way a programmer and I got it...dont ask me how it works, I just know that it says it does
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    - Project: Unified Car Control
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    this is promising. I suggest not going with the pi as that board is limited for the money. maybe look into the pcduino that is morepowerful and can easily interface with arduino ide (anaolg inputs is a plus) and would open the scope of what you're doing by having readily available libraries and a huge community.

    Quote Originally Posted by UnusuallyGenius View Post
    Goal: To create a unified, open source method for installing computer control related equipment into a vehicle. We want the parts used to be widely available and provide detailed instructions so that anyone with the desire can integrate a computer into their car.

    [ ] Software Platforms
    [x] Front End: HTML5
    [x] Backend:Linux
    [ ] Hardware Platforms
    [x] Front End: Multiple devices supported based off of HTML5 being the chosen programming language for the interface
    [ ] Backend:
    [ ] Communications protocols
    [ ] Interface methods

    Things to Control
    [ ] Door locks
    [ ] Windows
    [ ] Sunroof/Moonroof
    [ ] Trunk/Hatch
    [ ] Automatic Doors (minivan sliding doors)
    [ ] Interior Lights
    [ ] Dash Lights
    [ ] Headlamps/Running Lights/ Fourways
    [ ] Climate Control
    [ ] Entertainment
    [ ] Seat Controls

    [ ] Music
    [ ] Video
    [ ] Navigation
    [ ] Control of above mentioned systems

    [ ] 3G/4G Internet Connection
    [ ] Bluetooth Phone Connection
    [ ] In-Car Wifi
    [ ] Wireless Bridge to Home Network
    [ ] HomeLink

    [ ] Indoor/Outdoor Temperature
    [ ] Ambient Light
    [ ] Water
    [ ] Seat weight sensor

    [ ] Automatic Media Sync from home computer to car computer when wireless connection is made at home
    [ ] Proximity functions such as unlock, start
    [ ] System wake up when driver is present in seat
    [ ] Start car by depressing the brake pedal
    [ ] Remote Start over internet

    Obviously there are some components here that are more difficult to overcome than others, but in my experience where there is a will, there is a way.

    The heart of this system is actually three separate components:

    The Brain
    The Brain will a low power consumption device that can run for many days off of battery that will be the middleman for all components involved in the system. Exact hardware and software that will run on this device is yet to be determined. The Raspberry Pi is a candidate. The Brain will interface with the modules and the head unit over various networks.

    The Nodes
    Part of what will lead to the success of this project is creating hardware nodes that anyone with a little skill and knowhow can build themselves. Everything from Relay Clusters, to Sensor Interfaces, CANBUS, etc will all connect to the brain through a chosen network. An Arduino type device would be ideal for the nodes. The goal of the nodes is to allow the builder to have as much or as little functionality as they want.

    The Frontend
    In the perfect scenario the Frontend will be BYOD since it will not have to interface with the modules directly, instead it will communicate to the server software on the Brain. The ideal candidate for the brain will be an Android tablet since they are cheap and widely available. This will also allow you to use build and third party media and navigation software without having to integrate it into the brain.

    While I want the mp3Car community to be heavily involved in this project I know we may also need to reach beyond these forum walls, which I have already started to do. I will constantly keep this post updated with progress as we move forward. For those who are willing to lend a hand in this process let me know how you can contribute. I have created a private Google Community and will add developers to that so we can encourage others from different communities to get involved.

    I know this is a a BIG picture, hopefully we can make this a reality.
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    Maybe I'm in the minority, but I beg to differ.

    A big majority of what has been listed is already offered even in a Kia (no offense to Kia, I'm just comparing to luxury makes like BMW, Mercedes, Audi etc). Just what are we trying to achieve??

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    Reviving this thread looking for an update. I got tied up with my classes and life and forgot about this thread. I am going to make a new thread about this but I want to get with tripzero about his framework and find out what is going on with BennY.

    After months of thinking about stuff I have decided to start coding a new system. I will go into more details in another thread but in short I want to make a high level Vehicle Bus Communicator. What I will be building will start out as windows based and written in C# and .NET . When done I will look at integrating it for Linux using Mono and for Android using a different setup. Maybe Dot42 or something similar. Under windows it will basically show the car as a device addressable by a software package that recognizes it.

    In essence the idea is to build a system that won't care where the data is coming from but will allow a programmer to use a simple program to get all of the information it wants. The system will take care of handling if the communication is a ODBII or an ODBI or a totally custom system. Basically once a plugin has been made this system will be able to take advantage of it. I am calling this OpenVBUS for Open Vehicle Bus. So in my truck I can use ODBII and access pretty much everything in the truck. In my older ODBI car I could add the same controls with additional hardware added. This software won't care and you will be able to upgrade vehicles that don't have the support currently and be able to include a new driver and away you go.

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    I like that you guys aren't trying to reinvent the wheel (honestly no pun intended) too much. At the beginning of the thread it seemed like you might be going that direction and failing under the incredible scale of the project. However it seems you've done well to tie in some of the important aspects with already established projects. And by enabling people to create their own profiles with a simplified scripting language for their specific vehicle, you'll offload a lot of the work (that you would be unable to do anyway without access to the car) that needs to be done to reach that "universal" goal.

    I'm interested to see where this goes. Might even be able to help.

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    anyone who has an raspberry, and a iOS/Android 4+ Device, and wants to test some stuff in a few weeks, should mail me following details:

    about the smartphone/tablet:
    manufactor/model (cpu speed, display size/resolution, memory size, system version (like android 4.2 or iOS7), connectivity like bt/wlan/gps)

    about the pi:
    hardware revision (a, b, b+)
    addon cards
    connected IOs (and what is connected)
    available usb devices (Spacenavigator/Powermate/WiFi/Bluetooth/sound-card/etc...)

    requirements, as i have limited time, you have to know how to:
    get the image to the sdcard with dd
    unpack archives
    get logfiles from pi to pc and upload them

    not necessary but would be great and help a lot is:
    remote ssh access to the pi to check problems out (no teamviewer!, just ssh as i have limited bandwidth, you can use the screen-tool to watch whats happening)
    some ethernet/wlan bridge for the pi. could be just some old accesspoint.

    i may get my pi next week, so i can start to create the image. (if you have good ideas what has to be in the image, just mail me, distribution isn't choosen yet, but i will try gentoo first)
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