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Thread: So what has changed?

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    One last point: Centrafuse, RoadRunner, Driveline and maybe OpenMobile represent the most active frontends available today. The two newest, Driveline and OM, have been in development for more than 4 years.
    I have to iterate on this for a second...

    We, as a community here, have relied on the frontends listed. Even though Centrafuse is more commercial than the others and probably have more developers. RR I believe is maintained now by 1, maybe 2, people on the core. Driveline, 1, OpenMobile, a couple... Compare that to the development and R&D that the actual auto makers can afford and utilize. While all the frontends have done amazing work, overall, imo, we just don't have the manpower to compete. But, overall, we have the community and work to what the community would like, rather try to standardize everything into "all of our customers want this and this and nothing else". If we would like email, we make it work. Pandora, make it work. Other internet radio, make it work. You get the point... We, as a community, overcome the obstacles as best we can to provide a solution for any situation. I can't say that with OEM's.

    But by no means universal, nor necessarily affordable.
    I think it's reasoning that the mobile broadband is talking about phones in this sense. I've never driven, ridden, or even seen any of the OEM systems out there now. But from commercials that I have seen, they market Pandora and such. I'm to assume that the car itself would be considered another "broadband" cost in addition to the phone? I think the OEM's just have the power and connections to work with phone/OS makers beyond anything we can compare to. Imagine if OEM's had to suffice to Bluesoil (sp?), or a workaround for tethering, or a workaround for navigation...

    Windows has proven itself not to be a sustainable platform in the car, has it not? Windows hasn't worked all that well for us, and the OEMs are smart enough to realize it too.
    Windows with a smart power up/shutdown (m4 and such) has proven to work, and be reliable enough that we stay with those. If we're talking because it's a real PC OS and takes more than 10 seconds to boot, I can see the point. Even the 30 seconds it might take for mine to boot/resume, by that time I'm down my road. IMO, I don't need instant boot, or even 10 second boot, even though that would be nice to have. My current hardware and software just work and do what I would like it to atm.
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