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Thread: Newest Nexus 7 for install

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    Newest Nexus 7 for install

    I just received a Nexus 7 yesterday for an install I'm about to do in my car. This is a brand new (received 11/7/13) model and from what I see, it appears they now have audio in as well as out from the headphone jack and it also has wireless charging.

    I'm wondering if there is still a need for a USB DAC with the newest Nexus?

    Secondly, can anyone tell me if rooting is required for my project... besides running Carhome Ultra, Torque and Tasker - all of which do not require rooting, I also want to have rear view cam through a USB video device, and control a Directed 1000i tuner from the Nexus... is rooting required for those apps?

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    afaik for USB Client devices (except usb storage with media importer) you need rooting.

    wouldn't use the usb port, as mentioned in your other thread

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