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Thread: Waterprrof material

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    Waterprrof material

    A little off subject of the forum. I just bought a bumper protector called bumper blocker because its the only one with the design features I'm after. The problem is its designed for indoor garages. It's a little porous. So when it rains hard the cotton inside will mess up. Any ideas of what I can use to wrap this thing and still look neat? I was thinking of wrapping the whole thing in some type of waterproof tape, but figured eventually that would come loose and leave a sticky mess and look ugly. So I'm thinking now of wrapping it in a waterprrof material/fabric, but I don't know what or where to get it. Any insight? Thanks.

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    you could use thompson's water seal. from what i was told back in h.s when i sold the stuff, it was pretty much just a thinned out silicone sealant.
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    The ever dry is amazing. I didn't know thompsons made anything beyond wood protector. My only issue with these things is how do I know when to reapply? Also, because its being used to protect a bumper protector, when other cars rub up against it the protector will probably be rubbed off faster which will lead to the damage of the cotton inside...which leads me back to my first question I guess.

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