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Thread: Pc sometimes fails to boot. software or hardware problem??

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    Glad it was something simple Settra. I can see it potentially locking up a bootup but doesn't seem reasonable to cause the computer to freeze up.

    Almost wondering if the freezing issue was due to lose memory chips and since you took them out and reseated them in essence it may have taken care of your issue with them.

    I do know that you want to have a motherboard that is fully supported by Win 8. I am having issues with blue tooth and win 8.1 on my laptop and I haven't even thought about trying to do the fast boot setup. That computer is at the password prompt in under 30 seconds as it is.

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    yes my bad. ofc the freeze has nothing to do with the fast boot this indeed should be something hardware related. but it happens rarerly. i will replace the ram anyway soon, so that i can be sure

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    I used to get a random hang at POST, and sometimes I seen the code B4 at the bottom of the black screen. Mine turned out to be the USB keyboard. I wonder if one of your USB devices is causing it?


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