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Thread: Windows 8 front end questions.

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    Windows 8 front end questions.

    Hi everyone, I didn't see a place for this in the front end section so I am posting it here.

    My current setup for the past few years has been Windows 7 running Centrafuse 4 along with GMPC using a plugin from a member here. The plugin allows for a keyboard to pop up within centrafuse to use GMPC. The entire system has a few bugs and I am getting a bit bored of it. I want to try something new and revamped. Is anyone running Windows 8 with a GPS software that works well within the app screen. Something that has a keyboard etc. that looks clean. Someone reccomended "Here Maps" also I have never run Windows 8 on anything so I am in the dark to it all. What do you guys think?

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    I am running W8.1 without issue. I have a small app installed (Start8 by stardock) that returns the start button to the task bar so it looks & functions just like W7. I don't even see metro, it boots straight to the desktop. Unless you want to run metro as a FE (personally I don't like it) I don't see a lot of gains from upgrading from W7. If you are bored with CF and want to try something else, Ride Runner & Driveline might be two great choices for you to try.
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