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Thread: Bye, & thanks for the fish!

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    Man, I'm sorry to hear this OldSpark. For what it's worth, had the thread been reported to mods and I was the one to review it I would have been on your side. You stayed very cool and collective while redheadedrod resorted to some slightly personal attacks and general bad attitude. I've gone through and read the deleted posts. Why he continued to push a topic that had no relevance I can't seem to understand.

    Going to miss you around here, but it's about typical. The community here isn't what it used to be. I can't believe that most days there are only around 10 new posts or so. It's nuts.

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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    Well at last, I finally dumped my mailbox. Amazing what getting a life can do eh? :wink:

    Thanks Tiddler. You're not the only one with such views. Many pointed out deletions other than mere RAID references, but that was expected.
    And no reports of alleged angst from others (well, not because of me anyhow!) but rather the opposite - a recognition of just how wrong "a certain person whom I won't name" (if I may use a line by that person) is; how they don't read nor understand; and that I am the only one to consistently try to correct or educate and solve the issue(s). (That others saw that was a relief for me, tho I do wonder about new readers.) And they too thought I was rather cool and collected...

    Normally I'd be quite concerned about issues like this - is it misunderstanding, ignorance, or intended deceit? It seems deceit is supported by the aforementioned deletions.
    And then the idle threats... (LOL!)
    But the comments from others mitigated my concerns, and maybe such mistakes won't be repeat. (Maybe such people can learn!)
    And I haven't seen any of the old "you can't connect batteries..." (or only use a single-pole isolator etc) recently - eg, the recent Battery Isolator Question thread.

    That Battery Isolator Question thread also also indirectly gives me reason to depart. Answers are already out there yet no one finds nor quotes them. In that case it means people still buy overpriced "smart" battery isolators - even without their former false advertising. My point being that I tend not to merely supply the fish...
    [ PhilG - it depends on the isolator but the one mentioned will probably only bleed off surface charge. And all voltage sensing isolators by default isolate as soon as there is a drop in voltage below their "minimum connected" voltage - that is a requirement of their operation except where deliberate connection is desired below 12.7V or 13.2V or 12.5V ot 10.6V or whatever disconnect voltage applies. Of course the cheaper $3-$25 (DIY?) automated battery isolators don't have such problems. ]

    I think the only other new thread (since I last wrote) suited to my input had to do with raising the voltage of an alternator, and testing of a battery. I have also answered similar various times... in fact didn't I mention the old $42 eBay version of my 5c solution? (Or 10c for redundancy and or reversibility. There are now a few variants selling for $50 each + P&P, but of course they do <whatever bullsh> they purport to do....)
    Oh - there was also a lack of separation stereo separation thread... Apart from the obvious, I was going to suggest reversing one speaker's phasing.

    But there aren't that many threads for me any more, and the few that are are merely repeats of old info (tho I admit that newer info or developments may improve a few of my replies).

    Anyhow, I still have to close a few open PMs, but I truly thought I'd have done with the lot a few days after my last reply - not 5 weeks!
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