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Thread: Where are we headed?

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    Here is another good read It looks like this is just getting started we all know differently SNO
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    Here it comes...

    This assures me that anyone who has been on mp3car since way back are all pioneers
    Google/Apple are just innovators. I been waiting for mainstream for quite a while myself.

    Well done all. I'm pretty sure I'm safe to say that there will be some successful stories coming out of hobbies community. Lets face it, that's how Google and Apple were born.

    If history does repeat itself, some of these big players will die and a new contenders will rise.
    Lets gets the momentum going...

    I'm currently developing a scalable HTML5 framework in a small team and will release as open source in the coming months. Its web based so it works on any OS with a modern browser.
    Here is the architecture we're working on:

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    Coming soon!
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