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Thread: This Looks Interesting,....hmm

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    This Looks Interesting,....hmm

    A good read,

    Does the future seem bright, or should I just be a tad worried?

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    No idea. Couldn't get past the "! HACKED" in orange pixel/digital font..

    However, I think anything with a wireless interface and control over a mechanical object is a potential for disaster. 15 years ago, it was garage door openers getting hacked. After that, it was key-fobs. Now it's pacemakers and cars. The biggest problem is that people fail to realize/acknowledge that they are driving in a 4000 lb object at 80+ miles an hour while being propelled by explosions under the hood (or trunk), and that computers (from PCMs to OnStar) are now becoming critical components in the process of controlling everything that happens in a car. Driving a vehicle is probably when we put ourselves most at risk of serious physical injury. And we do it every day. Now we're adding lane-departure correction and adaptive cruise control into cars. I could probably "hack" that and get someone killed just by spray painting some white lines on the road.
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    This hack stuff is old news... This was a big story last year and the Prius that they hacked was shown in a you tube video. Pretty interesting. I know of a hacker that has talked about controlling Mercedes through their Blue tooth entertainment centers. The story he gave was how he got up next to a line of cabs in another country and he used his hand held device with a blue tooth device that he easily bypassed their entertainment system and accessed the computer. Since he was Familiar with the system he was able to shift each car electronically into neutral once they got moving..

    He had another story about shutting down a passing cruise ship and shutting down a bus he was riding in. The bus he was riding in he ended up causing the bus to need to be towed. He also apparently made a video of him hacking into the local transit buses in my area and he could have done anything he wanted since those buses are totally drive by wire...

    Most of those vehicles had blue tooth interfaces to an entertainment system or for diagnostics. He works for the US federal government checking for vulnerabilities in systems. He was partially responsible for the university that took over control of a military drone to prove Iran could easily do it.

    So yes pretty much anything can be hacked but cars have to have a way to "get in". Which is not likely with most cars unless they have a wireless technology such as bluetooth.

    I am working towards a security degree and one of the things I will be doing shortly is working on hacking my truck to be able to control it with a "front end" entertainment package.

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