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Thread: i want to build a custom comp chassis.. what's the easiest material to work w/??

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    i want to build a custom comp chassis.. what's the easiest material to work w/??

    so yeah... it's an ATX mobo... only thing attached to the PCI slot is a thin network card. Everything else is build in... i don't care about slots and all that crap, i just want a cool enclosure for it haha.

    What is an easy material (other than wood) to use... easy also in the sense of drilling w/o worrying too much about cracking (as i had many problems when working w/ plexiglass)?

    Basically, i want to mount the mobo on it... the harddrive too. I don't need a floppy or cd drive... well, maybe a floppy. It'd be really small... i would paint it black and use blue/white LED lights... probably a blue LED fan too and a cathode light inside. I guess i'll have a plexiglass window on the top or something.

    But okay, ill post pics as I go along making this, but help me w/ the materials part please! something I can get from home depot or any hardware store??

    My only experience w/ customizing cases is when I cut a window on my case door... then painted the entire thing metallic black. I'll post a pic of it when I go home... but i was wondering if i can get something cool like that for my server machine because the case it is using right now is too big.

    Oh yeah... powersupply... i think I can get one of those thin powersupplies here at work, but if not, i guess i'll have to find the smallest one possible. THANKS!
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    Aluminium is pretty easy to work with - that's what I made mine out of. Also gets you some RF shielding that wood and plexi don't.
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