I've been planning for months, and i finally started around 3 weeks ago. I love how its turning out. Im using my old Celeron dont even know the Mhz, 256 mb ram, win98. Going to be used for mp3s, GPS, and dvds. Currently my sound is all whacked..(using fm modualtor :-P) Im waiting for dscustoms to get more screens so i can order mine. once i get that it can finish it up. I will constantly be upgrading it, i can tell. Im running a 300watt inverter, wired to the battery. All my wiring is hidden naturally. I am constructing a website with production pix and will have finished pix when i get done. This is a lot of fun. Im glad i stumbled on this site, and i appreciate all the help you guys provide. I'll keep you all up to date.