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Thread: head unit problem...

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    my bad guys, i just know that yellow wire goes to fusebox and only gets power witht the key, and the red gets constant power...sry for the wrong voltage, knowing th enumber was never central to installing any of the decks ive done correctly...sry again

    i got the original poster's questions partially answered though i think...? :confizzled:
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    want: my stereo actually IN the car

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    Doesn't matter what harness you are using...

    Your HU has a wire that goes to a always hot 12+ circuit...most cigarette lighters are constant hot.

    It has a wire that goes to the ACC circuit, or a circuit that shuts off when the Key is off (like the built in radio probably)

    As long as every 12v+ wire is attached to 12v the radio will work (and clock)

    For example, if you hooked both the 12v (clock) intermittant, and the 12v (ACC) key controlled wires together to the same 12v circuit direct to the battery, then the clock would stay on, and the stereo would stay on until you turned the power button off.

    Hook it up however you want, but it would be nice to look at the owners manual for the HU and make sure everything is hooked up...if you don't have one for some reason. Then go to the internet and find one online.

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