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    Post Car Interior Carpet

    So i am a lot more famaliar with computer hardware and sources than i am with car audio and custom installations. im looking to build a custom enclosure for my carpc and inverter, and im handy enough to build it, but im not sure where to look for car carpeting. any suggestions? its tan in colour, and just want something similar (doesnt need to be exact).

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    There are tons of them, just search google for subwoofer carpeting. comes to mind. M.A.V.I.C. System
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    Go to a carpet store, ask for a book of samples, leave store with book of samples.
    You now have tons of 1x1 feet of carpeting.
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    If you use the proper carpet designed for speakers, as it's really easy to work with. You can cut it with sissors and bends round corners really easilly. Also you can just stick it down with aerosol glue (made for this purpose). Be warned with the glue use a well ventalated space, after a carpeted the back of the mini, I was on the way out. I got a load of carpet and glue, from a highstreeet car shop, but that's in the UK.
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    Originally posted by lstrunk:
    <STRONG>Go to a carpet store, ask for a book of samples, leave store with book of samples.
    You now have tons of 1x1 feet of carpeting.</STRONG>
    Umm..... but its all different colours..?? isn't that a problem???

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    I bought carpet from PepBoys. Advance Auto Parts also has carpet that is the same color/texture as floor carpet. I'm sure that if you go into a car accessory store you'll be able to find what you need.
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    ROTFL at lstrunk. Please tell me you didn't actually do this. I'm picturing your car with psychedelic 1'x1' carpet pieces everywhere. Candyland on wheels.
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