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Thread: V6 holden VS. WRX, suck it SEXREX

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    what about the baja and legacy? both of those are also 2.5L's baja does like 17's and IMO one of the ugliest suv's alongside the honda element. legacy also only does 18. those only have about 160hq/tq but then forester has like 210hp and 230tq w/ the damn mad turbocharger. I have to spend like $1500 to get my RSX to do 13.9's I hate spending money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SWYZ721
    how does the internal volume of the engine determine what the 1/4 mile time is?
    It doesn't, otherwise my 2.0 would lose to a 5.0 mustang (stock), which it doesn't. What I first said was that the Forester XT is a 2.5 litre, not the 2.0 liter that it was said to be. Second, because it was being compared to the WRX wagon (I think), I thought I'd point out why it runs 13.9 sec., .2 better than the wagon. It is because of the half litre of extra displacement, which produces a better torque curve. Given krystar's original statement (2.0 XT), one might wonder why the heavier, less aerodynamic car would win with the same engine. It not the same engine.

    Beyond that, displacement makes a big difference in (straightline) performance, but does not fully determine performance. Example: My Z28 (5.7 litre) and WRX (2.0 litre) are equally fast, but give my Z28 a turbocharger and it would crush the WRX. But it will still never touch it in the turns, or in the rain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SWYZ721

    But my argument stands (even though it's not with you) the volume of the combustion chambers ie/2.5 has little effect on what 1/4 time it will run or how much HP it has. My moms Ford Taurus is a V6 3.8 puts out 140HP, my brothers Dodge Neon is a I4 2.4 puts out 240HP. So the smaller engine has more HP. Why because it has a turbo. Displacement isn't a determining factor in how much HP a specific vehicle can spit out or what the 1/4 time will be.
    that link shows a 2.2L car...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mp3z24
    plus most are slow anyway
    most are thick you mean ?
    I don't need no stinkin' startup-shutdown controller... That's what journalized filesystems are for...
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    mines just a 1.8 turbo 4 with 213k miles on it now
    a few d.i.y intake mods
    and very free flowing exhaust dual cats replaced with a single larger cat straighpipe all the way to the back with about a 10" cherry bomb on the end for a bit of nosie control <very littel bit> but its pretty good at 55mph

    stock brand new it made sposedly round 118 hp or so
    when i can get the wife a new car i will go all out on this
    rebuit,balanced,mild porting
    programmable d.i.y fuel injection
    perhaps a tad more compression
    a pilfered saab apc boost control system
    some pilfered saab 9k turbo heated seats that i have from the 9k turbo i just stripped down maybe even the turbo as well as a upgrade

    if i get a wire feed welder i would like to section the back of the wagon off and turn it into a larger version of a brat
    not to mention the weight reduction from losing half the body <even after bracing>
    would make it even quicker

    ahh so many idea's so little time/money/equipment

    oh and of course my car pc would go in instead of hibernating on a shelf <car pc plus kids = bad omen >

    well of to bed to take my nap before work tonight
    run-on sentance comp 2002!!

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