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Thread: Help with linux boot...

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    Help with linux boot...

    Hello all,

    I am trying to swich from win98lite to linux on my carputer, but linux is not as fast to boot as windows right now on my computer. I saw some posts saing that linux boots real fast. So what do i need to do to decrease boot time in linux? I mean, what services do i need to run, and what i don't. Is syslog, and this stuff really necessary? I run debian. Tanks a lot for any help
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    i'm not sure about the debian boot process since I've never used it. But pretty much you don't need all that much running. I take whats running in run level one and do the same for run level 3. So I stop everything from running in run level 3 that isn't running in 1. Then I just add my networking to run on bootup and i'm good to go. Also I compiled a kernel to fit my system. I get sub 20ish from bios to running my app
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