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Thread: 5.1 surround

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    5.1 surround

    Is it possible to hook up 5.1 surround? This is my first post and the search feature wasnt working for me. Also, how do you hook up subs to work in coralation(sp?) with your carputer.

    I build comps and maintain comps for a living...outside of beeing a fulltime student
    but Im new to the carputer...

    This is what I want to do:
    Ill build my own comp
    AMD 2400 or >
    plenty of Ram
    win xp
    40GB HD
    dvd/cdrw combo
    biostar mobo w/nvidia chipset (Im going to get a 7.2 or so LCD)
    want an audigy 5.1 card
    THX 5.1 surround sound speakers

    I have an 87 supra and I will upgrade the altenator and such for power.

    any help would be appreciated.


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    lol wow
    just plug the speakers into your sound card?
    the audigy internal platinum in my pc has out for left right center the 2 rear ones and sub volume / freq. control...

    ...2400+ is probably a bit exsessive, hehe.

    basically i thikn you would just hook it up as if you were doing it in your comptuer room? may just need to extend the cables.

    good luck.

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    Or feed the spdif out into a 5.1 signal processor.

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