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Thread: how do you guys find enough music to sustain a carputer?

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    Radio DJ's are worthless. They know their job can be done by a dead monkey and are very insecure over this fact. This makes them try and talk more, in hopes of being the next Howard Stern. Really, everyone would be much happier if they just shut up and played the damn music.

    I keep 5000 songs on my system and usualy just keep it on shuffle. If I want to play a specific file, I find it by using a database search.
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    I usally sort by genere

    Got about 7,000 songs
    Fix peoples computers all day and just "borrow" what they have. Add's up quickly.
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    I'm in the process of *trying* to sort my 2100 mp3s by album and genre, as well as have a list with all the songs.

    Preliminary tests tonight with my laptop playing mp3s in my car showed me that having a touchscreen display would be veeeeeeeeeeeeery important in a carputer, lol.

    Fiddling with the keyboard and keypad while driving = suck

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    I have 7 gigs worth.. never counted but includes lot sof music from lts of places including quite a few from my own 12" collection ( DJ Here )...


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    Right Click > Properties it will tell you about how many files are in the folder lol

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    5500 Mp3s here
    370 hours 38 minutes 27 seconds or
    2 weeks, 1 day, 10 hours 38 minutes, 27 seconds

    I have enough to last a while
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    Cinco5 I'm with you, I've got 6300 MP3's and fixing PC's yields some great stuff

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    I have about 2500 tracks which I happen to have arranged in album order. However, I have written my player to search the whole hard drive to find every .mp3 track. The TAG data is then read, and a database created, which can be printed out in A5 booklet format.

    To play, you either play a specific album, or artist - taken from the booklet, or (as I usually do) random play. If I like a track, I can play subsequent tracks from the current album/artist/genre/year.


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    I have 1.1 TBs but only 30613 mp3's.... lol I got the space I am one of the people that having a wireless card in the carputer is a freaking NEED!

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    I don't know if the main question of this tread was ever answered, but the point was that people have their computers turn on and start playing music just like a radio station, and don't particularly "find" a song every time the get in the car. My collection of about 1k songs was thinned to about 5-700 for the car, just because I don't like some music while driving.

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