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Thread: do you own a bookpc?

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    Post do you own a bookpc?

    I wanted to know who out there is currently using a bookpc as an mp3 player. Shoot me and email or reply here. I'd like to know about you configs, installations and any problems you may have had.


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    I now use a bookpc the only problem I have is my harddrive caddy BARELY fits in there. I'm running a celeron 466 with 32megs ram and am using a spare drive power connector of the power supply to power a 4" partsexpress lcd.

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    I have one with 128 megs ram, 10 gig drive
    and DVD but I'm not using it in the car because of lack of serial ports...Someone must be able to hack this baby..usb-serial is just way to expensive...Anyone heard about some motherboards having an extra conector for serial?
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    Book PC
    32 meg
    celeron 466
    7 gig hdd
    wireless keyboard and mouse
    (bios set to turn pc on with mouse click is a nice feature because the computer is under the passenger seat)
    sony ES cd player
    sony XT-40V TV tuner
    parts express 4" LCD
    PPI PC 6600 6 channel Amp
    4 JL 10" w3
    infinity 5x7 components
    infinity 5x7 coaxials

    focused on multimedia
    focused on multimedia

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    I have a Book-PC that consists of:

    Output= VFD 2x20 parallel display
    Input= Keyspan USB Digial Media Remote

    I use a cheap power inverter that powers up via the cigarette lighter (which only gets power when the car is on). Set the Book-PC BIOS to power on when power is applied, and the system boots itself when the car is started in about 50 seconds.

    I originally had a 10GB drive, but I filled it up, so I upgraded to a 30GB drive, which is about half full.

    USB to serial adapters are not that expensive. I picked up one for about $25. Keyspan sells one for about $40. I hooked my serial GPS receiver into it. Rand-McNally Tripmaker saw the GPS. MS S&T2001 would not see it. I don't have a LCD monitor in the car (yet). That's next on my list so that I can use the GPS in the car.

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