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Thread: Any help/ideas for a 99 Couagar (see pics)

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    Any help/ideas for a 99 Couagar (see pics)

    Hello All,

    I have wanted to install a carputer the last two years. I am so happy i found this website and forum. Now i know that it is possible and all of you posts are so helpful.

    I have a 99 Mercury (Ford if you live in europe) Cougar. Check out the pics attached and let me know if any of you have some ideas on where i should mount the VGA LCD Touch Screen. I also need help on selecting a touch screen.

    My goal is to have a flushmount screen that will fit in the spot that the Radio/tape player is in (see pics). This is a generally new car and i don't want to start hacking the dash up (unless all else fails).

    If anyone has mounted an LCD in the Cougar i would like to see how you accomplished this. I did look through all of the completed projects but didn't see a Cougar install.

    My Main problem is finding an LCD screen that will fit in the space where the Radio/Tape Player is. I think the 7" will be to big. Does anyone have the dimension of the 7" lilli??? screen without the housing?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hey... Wait a minute, This is my thread.... Thanks for all the ideas guys.

    Not that anyone is interested

    I am almost to the point of installing everything. I ended up building a custom Lexan box for the EPIA M10000 and Opus 90w. I then sand blasted the box for a completly frosted look. I then installed a couple 300mcd blue LED's and two 60mm blue LED fans (wasn't easy to come by). This saturday i am going to install it in my car.

    Last saturday i installed my slot load CDRW/DVD drive in the center console. If you look at the pictures in the previous post you can see where the pop up cup spiller is. I removed that and installed the Laptop hardrive with the guts of an USB 2 enclosure kit. It looks factory installed.

    The only hard part is my screen. I plan on removing the whole double din unit and replaceing it with the 7" Lilliput touch screen that i already have (just waiting to get the computer in the car first).

    Getting the computer in the car and screen installed is round one. I will probably end up using Media Car. I already purchased the Radio Xtreme FM USB tuner.

    Then next phase will be GPS, OBDII interface, Digitally controlled windows/locks/AC etc
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