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Thread: Philips has done it! Portable mp3 cd player.....

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    Talking Philips has done it! Portable mp3 cd player.....

    Just released Monday to curcuit cities near you. Philips now has a portable mp3 player thet looks great. It features LCD display, 100 sec anti skip, the ability to read through directories on a cd..... and much more. Unit comes with AC adapter as well as a car kit! For a fair price of 199.99. I went to look at this unit in a Pittsburgh store and they didnt even know they had it. I pulled out the sales flyer and showed them and they had the who'll store looking for the ! unit that came in... The found it in lockup in the back room so if you go to get it you may have to ask a few people. Check out The way it looks is Circuit City is the only store saling this unit for the time being anyway. check it out and let me know what you think. I will be more likely to pay the extra money for this rather than mptrip or the vaporwares!


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    eXpanium... what a name... yuk!

    Everybody is trying to fit an X in their product name this days... besides that glitch the thing looks nice, thanks heaven that the guys at phillips know better electronics than product naming...

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