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Thread: Some small problems

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    Some small problems

    Hey guys,

    I have a couple of questions that I hope somebody can point me in the right direction.

    1 hibernate and standby. What do you actually have to type in a command line so that the PC hibernates and what do you have to type so that it goes in standby or are these built-in windows functions that we cant use from 3rd party apps?

    2 custom resolution. How many got 848x480 resolution to work? How did you do it (if you havent posted the how-to here before) because I've read the tips here and none of them worked. WindowsXPembedded drivers wont install, and Powerstrip doesnt allow editing the resolutions, and hacking the registry has no effect.

    3 How do you remove scandisk in WinXP? In win98 I think you can remove it via msconfig, a post suggested looking at My Computer Properties but I see nothing that says disable scandisk upon startup, the closest would be "how long to display operating system" and the like

    4 How many of you use an onscreen keyboard? Are there freewares around? Coyote is developing a module for his mediacar software but from the looks of it we cant use it for windows.. I need an OSK because I wanna surf the internet from the car =P

    Well, maybe not a couple of questions.. but what the heck.

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    Hibernate and standby are built in windows features. They appear on the pulldown menu on the shutdown popup. Start button->Shutdown->pulldown menu.
    For an onscreen keyboard i believe XP has one, its in the accesiblity menu somewhere.
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    If you are surfing the internet in your car wouldn't you rather have a larger keyboard so you can type quicker than touching the screen??
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