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Thread: Has anyone used this case and one other question

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    Has anyone used this case and one other question

    Check out these mini-itx cases:

    Both of them claim to be the same size as car stereos. I would think that these might fit inside a standard dash kit with little to no modification. Wouldn't even need a regular cd player.

    Second question:
    How do external hard drives or 3.5" hds stand up to vibration and bumps in the automotive environment. Ideally, I'd like to pick up a single large drive to store media, but I'm not sure if it would be able to take being bounced around.

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    I think quite a few people use those cases, (Check the "Show off your projects" section of these forums) And the hard drive vibration thing has been covered MANY times, and no one has had a single complaint. I have two standard 3.5" hard drives, and I also have 2 JL 12w4 Subwoofers, which bass pretty loud when turned up, no problems whatsoever.
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    V 1.0 of my carputer was going to use this case. I currently scrapped it for parts (the case may be for sale soon...), the reason is, 10" deep is a bit deep to fit in my DIN slot. I had 7" to work with. Other than that the case is great.

    good luck.

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    Has anyone fit an opus 150W into this case?
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    thats cool but dam they want way to much money for that case
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    Very nice cases, i wanted to get one. But then decided to build my own... It will cost me about $15 in material and allows me to customize the hell out of it
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