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Thread: Double DIN

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    2003 SVT Focus ZX5, double din

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    ya think?


    of course it's going to sound better! it was designed to work in a car, it's boosting the signal to a respectable level as compared to what most onboard/sound cars have to offer

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    2003 Toyota Tacoma has a double-DIN.
    Lucky me.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Correction on Acura.....

    Just FYI, I own a 2002 Acura RSX base model with automatic transmission, and on mine, the factory Acura (not upgraded Bose) stereo was not a standard DIN size. It appeared to be a single DIN stereo with a pocket beneath it, but they're too wide to be standard DIN.

    There are custom dash kits available that replace the whole front panel with a double-DIN version though - so installing a double DIN stereo is absolutely possible. The local stereo shops I talked to didn't carry the right dash kit, though - and in at least 2 cases, they said they would fabricate a custom opening instead. (More costly and in my opinion, not a good idea.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Sinister
    Acura RSX TypeS has a double-DIN opening (once you remove the crappy Bose stereo).

    The base model RSX also has a double-DIN opening.

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    Old thread, but oh well.

    1992 ~ current Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car are 2DIN.

    1992 ~ 2002 Crown Vics and Grand Marquis (not sure about the Towny) do have a slope in the back, so about 1.5 inches back from the face it slopes down to a 1.5DIN. Culprit is a heating duct that was re-engineered for MY03.

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    nissan xtrail series II

    has a double din opening for stereo.
    below that a single din storage compartment..
    below that an air conditioned single din compartment... (expandable to double din by removing ash tray/lighter section)
    and in one of the two glove boxes, a single din compartment.

    6 DIN! woot!
    2005 Nissan Xtrail
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    Honda Ridgeline has a double din and 2 single din.

    DD is for the HU or Nav and the singles are storage pockets or a single din HU for nav.

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    all new Renault cars

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    <--- double din
    2000 Acura Integra Type-R
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    As stock my Boxster does not have a double din but it is very easy to move the stock stereo down, relocate the climate controls and...voila DOUBLE-DIN space for my touchscreen.
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