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Thread: In house head unit

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    I wouldn't worry about acid getting out, I'd think the drain would be too much for the battery to power for more than say 15 min, even with a charger.

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    Go with the battery and charger. I run that setup at home and it works fine. Obviously you can't run high power music for EXTENDED periods of time. But then again, I think you'd be having more problems with your neighbours if you were intending to pump that much energy out in a sessions. I run a JL Audio 500/1 and a 300/4 off a 570A CC battery with two 6A 12V chargers which was pretty cheap to set up at the time.

    Basically this gives your ~ 144W continous power. Given that the RMS values are 1/root(2) x PEAK output of the amps (a situation which will rarely be achieved, and if so for only a short time) the power actually used by the amp is somewhat less than the stated value. Not to mention the overstated power output given by most amp companies these days - with JL maybe being an exception to that, but that's another topic.

    Anyway the setup works a treat. Never had any power issues. Remember you can always charge the battery while not listening to music - or if you're finding you're running out of juice, add another battery and or charger.

    I have seen (few and far between) some of those specialist 12V setups for use at car comps here is Oz. But the $$$ was quite excessive. In any case stick with the battery setup as it will act in a much similar way to a capacitor (in terms of supplying current in those ultra low impedance moments . You can always add chargers, transformers later.

    Hope this helps,

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    thanks a bounch that has helped alot i never thought of hooking up 2 chargers to it btw is there a certain size battery that i should use or should any battery work?

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    If you are gonna run a bater with a charger it needs to be in a well ventilated area. Car batteries (lead-acid batteries) give off hydrogen when charging (and in lesser amounts when discharging). Hydrogen is explosive.

    Modern batteries have catalytic converter jobbies to react it with oxygen in the air and produce water, but they are not 100% fool proof.

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    what size fuse dose the head unit have in it.if u can get a computer PSU with about the same value as the fuse then your fine. my friend dose it with his sub amp

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